TIDERACE new brand manager Ivan Lawler

You will have seen some big changes at Tiderace recently, with the new factory venture with Nelo Kayaks, along with some new designs and Nelo’s seamless construction. Now it is time to introduce the new brand manager for all things Tiderace… Ivan Lawler.
Ivan is based in the UK and will be taking over Dave Felton’s current role. Dave will remain in the background to keep some continuity and as an advisor until such time he is no longer needed, at which point he will be off to enjoy a well earned retirement!

Ivan comes to Tiderace with a history of paddling that goes back almost 50 years to when he first got in a kayak age 5. His family were in the sport and he followed in their footsteps. He says he has been incredibly fortunate in his competitive career and is a retired veteran of three Olympic Games (1988, 1992, and 1996) and with 6 World Titles over 10,000m and marathon distances.

His link to Tiderace has come through the connection with Nelo Kayaks whose boats he has been selling for around 15 years. He loves being a part of the Nelo family and has watched them grow from being a relative outsider in the race world to being the undisputed champions. From one Olympic medal in 1996 they have now reached a massive 27 medals from a possible 36 in Rio! This meteoric rise is all based on the quality of their product and the service of their workforce.

Ivan’s kayaking time has not just been racing, he is an active coach. If you have time there is a youtube video of him coaching forward paddling.
From flatwater racing he moved to surf ski and got a taste of the joy the ocean can give. He says he is still relatively new to the world of sea kayaking but the new range of Tiderace is already tempting him to do more!

TIDERACE Kayaks; Founder Dave Felton at PADDLEexpo 2018

His motivation is to get as many people as possible out there enjoying natures best! With Tiderace Sea Kayaks he believes our customers will be able to have the best possible experience on their ocean adventures.
Ivan hopes this is the beginning of a profitable new era in the evolution of the Tiderace brand.