Paddle People: 2019 CAMBA Kayak Cart

We’ve reinvented the wheel!

2019 CAMBA Kayak Cart from HandiWorld

The CAMBA Kayak Cart is different from every other kayak cart.
The patented CAMBA wheels provide all-terrain rolling performance, keep the cart balanced at all times and make it easier to pull or push over obstacles, up & down kerbs and over rough terrain.

What is CAMBA Technology?
Devised and developed in the UK, the unique and patented CAMBA technology combines a hemi-spherical wheel with floating axles to provide great all round performance across multi terrains. The CAMBA wheel features an Active Variable Footprint whereby the point of contact on hard surfaces is optimised and the wheel intuitively adapts to softer surfaces (such as sand) to create a wider footprint thereby spreading the load.
Combining the CAMBA wheels with floating axles provides each wheel with its own independent suspension. This allows the wheels to literally ‘walk’ over obstacles whilst keeping the cart balanced and stable at all times.


Check out the new CAMBA Cart yourself at our booth F-38, Paddle People.
We look forward to seeing you!