Kanumesse, SUP-Expo and PADDLEexpo
2003 - 2019
In 2003 the canoe industry was homeless, the manufacturers did not have a common platform to present novelties and meet dealers at the right time of the year. For the companies from Rosenheim (Germany) and the area, it was easy: they held in-house shows at a coordinated time. The other German suppliers joined in and invited their customers for meetings in the ballroom of a nearby hotel.
This arrangement was well accepted, and a year later they all met in the local gymnasium. With additional exhibitors, more visitors joined the event and the "Kanumesse" became the international meeting-point. In 2005 the event moved to the Frankenhalle in Nuremberg, bringing the canoe-, kayak- and equipment-suppliers together under one roof.
The first SUP board was presented in 2008 and it was barely noticed at first. But that changed quickly: in the following year several SUP suppliers were aboard. The "SUP-Expo" was created for this fast growing new sport, taking place parallel to the "Kanumesse". The SUP community felt understood and increased its share of the exhibition every year. In 2011, Kanumesse and SUP-Expo joined under the umbrella of "PADDLEexpo". This made the PADDLEexpo the most important paddle sports trade show worldwide. There was no place on earth where more canoe, kayak and board manufacturers were exhibiting than in Nuremberg.
The PADDLEexpo was not the artificial product of an external organisation, it had its roots in the industry and it has been consequently adapted to the requirements of its participants. From the very beginning it was a trade show with free admission for the buyers. The Industry Dinner was also a tradition, where people met for buffet, conversations and side events.
Although the event was supposed to pay off, there was no need to make large profits or to satisfy investors. The event was fully booked every year and has never been in the red. There were hardly any current costs, so the cancellation due to the Covid-19 situation in 2020 was no issue. However, after 17 years, this break was the perfect opportunity to end the PADDLEexpo series while giving the industry enough time to discuss and shape its future.
(July 2020)

Spend nine minutes of your time on this historic video to experience the spirit of PADDLEexpo.
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