KayakPro new Kayak- & SUP-Racks

After incredibly successful PaddleExpo 2017 KayakPro USA LLC the World premier Water-Sports specific Ergometers are back for PaddleExpo 2018 with an even larger display of their award winning products.

Try their Compact Kayak, SUP and Outrigger ergometers at the show.
Lots of paddle sport retailers from last year’s show have added KayakPro’s winter specific product to their offerings – generating off-season revenue, client retention and interest in their locations.

KayakPro’s easy, Drop-ship dealer structure and great dealer pricing offer a no-risk addition to any water-sports location’s array of products.

New for 2018 is also a brand new range of EZ-Vee Kayak Carriers – with innovative no-tool, easy on and off fittings to compliment any cross bars.

Try the KayakPro Kayak, SUP and Outrigger ergometers at the show.

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