Sealline: watertight gear protection

Photo: Jordan Siemens

“Most people understand the importance of keeping your body dry while you’re outdoors. Keeping gear protected can be just as important –Imagine sleeping in a wet sleeping bag in the backcountry or trying to stay warm in a wet down jacket – it could be disastrous.”

As experts for watertight gear protection with a history of more the 30 years SealLine will present the full range of dry sacks, dry bags, portage packs and waterproof cases for electronics (smartphones, etc.). With our top of the line SealLine Discovery Deck Dry Bag we deliver resolute waterproof protection from day trips to expeditions whether lashed to a SUP board or stowed in or on a boat. Designed to maximise the use of storage space in a kayak, our lightweight Bulkhead Tapered Dry Bags shape fits in kayak bow and stern compartments. Whether packed with clothes, food or gear, the PurgeAir valve ensures fast and easy compressibility better enabling the bag to fit in tight spots.

Photo: We are unicorns
Photo: We are unicorns

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