All information on this page is about the 2019 event. The details of the PADDLEexpo 2020 will follow in good time before the next event. 2020 & 2021 dates are published here (scroll down a little).

Floor Plan
Floor Plan, public version
Floor Plan, CAD-Version;  including stand dimensions

Service Handbook 2019
Service Handbook 2019 english (PDF, 9 MB, 218 pages)
The most popular pages are:
Stand Partition walls: page 63
Carpet: page 65
– Electricity supply: page 150
– Forwarding agent, empty containers storage: page 201
– Guarding of stands: page 205

Fast as lightning
Straight and simple: “Das Form!” (It’s the only form you really need. For power supply, walls & carpet)

NürnbergMesse stand configurator
Take advantage of this service from NürnbergMesse and try it out:

Exhibitor Requirements
Participation Fee (Stand Rent)
Booking trough an agency
Service Description
Time Schedule
Booking Confirmation
Ordering Services
Exhibitor Directory
Participation Promotion
Logo Download
Exhibitors’ Tickets
Shipping to the Booth
Advertising Opportunities
Stand Party
Earlier Setup
Stand Setup and Breakdown Times
Parking in the Loading Dock
Parking of Trucks and Trailers
Hall Entry for Vehicles

Exhibitor Requirements
PADDLEexpo is the largest paddlesports trade fair globally. An exhibitor will be allowed admission when the company does business, offers products and can demonstrate professional expertise in the areas of canoe, kayak, stand-up paddling, or in accessories directly related to paddlesports. Additional products from the company’s line may be exhibited, but only if they play a minor role at the fair.

Participation Fee (Stand Rent)
69,50 € / m2 (Stands up to 12 m2 are 834,- € flat), plus. 19% VAT for German exhibitors or CE-Exhibitors without valid VAT-Ident.-No.
The stand rent is due within 10 days. The stand rent is for the pure floor space. Optionally dividing walls, carpet, power supply are not included in the stand rent.

Stand layout (dimensions)
The first priority for the floor plan is the best use of space for optimising the ability to do business, keeping costs down, and providing the best possible selling atmosphere.
As a guideline by experience, non-binding:
1-15 m2 >> stand min. 3 m deep
16-28 m2 >> stand min. 4 m deep
29+ m2 >> stand min. 5 m deep
4-side open: min. 140 m2
3-side open: min. 70 m2
2-side open: min. 50 m2

Booking Trough An Agency
Stand booking only by the exhibitor directly. No Stand booking through a third party (agency). Billing address = exhibiting company = employer of the stand personnel = vendor of the displayed products.

Service Description
The organiser will …..
• hire the hall at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre.
• send invitations to regular exhibitors, provide information to potential new parties, and proceed applications.
• create the floor plan and the exhibitor directory. This will be available online and in print. The printed directory will be available to visitors at the entrance. The content (company name, brand, website,…) must be supplied by the exhibitor.
• prepare order forms for Nuremberg Exhibition service providers of, e.g., electric power, carpet, stand setup, etc.
• send invitations to regular visitors and prepare visitor information.
• promote the event based on the organiser’s discretion in various media outlets, including but not limited to press releases, advertisements, etc.
• operate a website that includes basic exhibitor and visitor information.
• manage organisational issues such as: marking of stand spaces on the hall floor, arrangement of visitor registration and admission security, registration and communication with administration and authorities, hall cleanup after setup, daily hall cleaning, hall heating and air conditioning, sanitary services, security guard during all phases (setup, show, breakdown and move-out), general night security and first-aid station.
• organise an industry party including entertainment.

Time Schedule

April – June 2019:
Preparation of the exhibitor applications; sending the forms to regular exhibitors by email. Stands are allocated “first come – first serve”. Waiting list in case of overbooking.

July 1st, 2019:
Drawing the floor plan, approval by the authorities and safety administration.

July 15th, 2019:
The floor plan will be published..
Invoicing for participation and floor space. The invoice also includes the stand number, which is necessary to place service orders (carpet, walls, power,..)

August 2019:
Closing date for service orders (carpet, walls, power,… complete rental stands)

September 2019:
Exhibitor tickets will be sent by email (“Print-At-Home-Ticket”)

Booking confirmation
After registration as an exhibitor, you should have received a booking confirmation per email within 7 days. Please let the organiser know if that confirmation did not arrive in order to correct any possible errors.

The floor plan will be finalised as of 1. July 2019 and then approved by the administration. After that, stand numbers will be final, and you will receive an invoice. You will need your stand number when you place an order for electricity, carpets or other services.

Ordering Services
Nuremberg Exhibition service partners offer a variety of products, including the ones most often ordered (power, carpet, walls and drapes). A complete list of services and an order form is in the exhibitor services area.
• Please send your order forms directly to the appropriate service partners, not to the organiser.
• Please recontact the service partner if you have not received a response in 7-10 days.
• Please place your orders with the service partners in a timely manner (deadline on top of each order form, surcharge for latecomers).

Exhibitor Directory
The insertion of company, brand and website in the directory and on the floor plan is not automatic. It is up to the exhibitor to provide this data and to approve the release of the data.
The information as it currently exists will be published on the website. Please take a look at these pages to review your company’s information, and please email any corrections or supplements.
Only brand representatives or owners, or those approved to represent the brand, may approve the information and its release.

Participation Promotion
Achieve the highest success from your participation on the fair by communicating and promoting your attendance. The most cost-efficient opportunities are on your own website, as a part of your email signature, or in your company newsletters.

Logo Download
Logos for your letters, invoices and other correspondence: Invitation letters, invoices, an email signature, newsletters, etc. You will find the PADDLEexpo logo in a variety of sizes and formats available for download here for use in any or all of the above communications or other media.
An additional tip is to add a line to your signature or logo, such as, “Come see us at PADDLEexpo: 4.-6. Oct. 2019, booth #***”

Exhibitors’ Tickets
Everyone with an exhibitor pass is allowed entry to the hall as of 8 a.m. Thus, only true exhibitors should possess an exhibitor’s pass. Please do not give an exhibitor’s pass or ID to visitors or others who are not an exhibitor.
Exhibitor ticket order form.

Shipping to the Booth
When shipping directly to the exhibition stand please use this shipping address:
PADDLEexpo, hall 3A, Stand (your booth number)
(your company name)
90471 Nürnberg, Deutschland
Leave the receiver’s cell phone number on the box, just in case.

PADDLEexpo is four days, set-up day and three days runtime.
– Make sure that your goods arrive during this time.
– Make sure that you or the recipient is on location to take the goods when they arrive.
If the goods arrive before set-up day or after the show, the hall will be closed and nobody will be there to take them.
Shipping from outside the European Union: Paperwork, duty, custom clearance, VAT – make sure that your goods won’t get stuck at the customs before you despatch. If in doubt, contact your freight forwarder or the Nuremberg-Messe Partner for hall 3A “Schenker Fairs”:

Schenker Deutschland AG
Messezentrum Nürnberg
90471 Nürnberg
Tel +49 (0) 9 11. 8 17 48-0
Fax +49 (0) 9 11. 8 17 48-25

Advertising opportunities
• Conference rooms: This year, there is a room available in the hall for presentations and meetings. To enquire about booking, please contact the organiser via email or telephone. If the conference room in Hall 3A is booked, there are additional rooms in the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre also available for rent.

Unavailable or not permitted:
• Flags or banners outside of the booked stand space.
• Lanyards with advertisement.
• Ad inserts in the visitor guide.
• Boxed, bolded or otherwise highlighted logos or exhibitor information in the visitor guide.
• Advertisements at the Industry Retailer Party
• Handouts or other distribution of materials outside of the booked stand space.

Stand Party
A party at your stand is a welcome addition. Since there will be a joint industry party on the second day, it makes sense to schedule these the first day of the fair. On the third day, stand breakdown begins.
The fair will close at 19:00 (7p.m.), so you should not start your stand party before 17:45 (5:45 p.m.). We want to ensure that business discussions at neighbouring stands can continue until 19:00. Thus, please plan that any promotions that may be loud or otherwise disturbing do not occur until after that time. No music please until 19:00 (7 p.m.)!
In order to allow conversations at other stands, the maximum speaker volume is limited to 80dB. Security staff is equipped with decibel meters, and the sound level will be measured next to the booth in the aisle.
The fair will close at 19:00 (7 p.m.). If there are still people at your stand past that time, it will be necessary to name a person who will be responsible for your event (see also VStättV – Germany’s Regulations for Public Assemblies). This person must be present and onsite from the start to the finish of your party or event and also available by telephone the entire time.

Party registration required before 20. August 2019
In order to be able to plan for security staff, fire and rescue services, as well as sanitary services, etc. we will need registration of your stand party before 20. August 2019. For registration, just send an e-mail with the following information:
• Beginning and end of your event
• Maximum number of persons estimated to be present
• Name of the responsible party
• Mobil phone number of the responsible party
Your stand party must not continue past 23:00 or 11 p.m. (in the event schedule, you will find 22:00, or 10 p.m., listed as the end. Thus, this leaves you a one-hour leeway to wrap up the party and clear the hall). At 23:00/11 p.m., every person needs to have left the hall. If this time limit is exceeded, the organiser of the stand party will be invoiced for any additional expenses incurred. The organiser of the stand party will also be held liable for any damage to either property or person. Please verify your insurance coverage in such cases. You will find a contact address for insurance included with the service forms.
The organiser of the stand party will also be responsible for its termination. Please do not admit additional participants to your stand party than there is room. Occupying other stands or the aisles is not permitted except as a route to leave the hall or go to the nearest WC. You will find the address for registering music events with Gema at technical guidelines.

Earlier Setup
This arrangement only applies for stands at a stretch of more than 100 square metres by one leaser (your 2019 PADDLEexpo invoice shows minimum 100 m2, respectively more than Euro 6950,- net). Such companies may enter the hall one day before the fair starts in order to set up their stands. The charge for that extra day is Euro 450,- net per stand and will be invoiced directly by Messe-Nuremberg.
Download the application form “Early Set-Up”
The invoice for that extra set-up day will be issued to you directly by the owner of the hall (Nuremberg Fair Co.). Contact:


Stand Setup and Breakdown times

3. October 2019, 7:00 to 21:00 (7 a.m. to 9 p.m.)
Deposit of Euro 100.00 / vehicles in the loading dock area
(Early setup with written permission from the Nuremberg Exhibition Company)

6. October 2019, 16:00 – 24:00 (4 p.m. to midnight)
On the 6. October 2019 at midnight, all breakdown and move-out must be completed and the hall cleared. Please heed this when you are setting up your booth so you have enough staff on-hand for breakdown.

Parking in the loading dock
Setup/Move-in day: 3. October 2019:
Only when actually off-loading/loading, deposit of Euro 100.00 / 2 hours
During the fair:
No parking permitted in the loading dock area. Parked vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense.
After close of the fair, entry after 16:30 (4:30 p.m.); no deposit required.

Parking of trucks, transporters and trailers
The loading dock area must be clear of all vehicles, trucks and trailers as of 21:00 (9 p.m.) on set-up day.
Do not park your van, truck or trailer at the visitor car park next to the hall – it will be towed away!
These vehicles can be parked in designated truck parking areas at no charge during the runtime of the show.
Download PDF: designated truck parking area 2019
(PADDLEexpo: P1, Poststrasse. Please print this plan and give it to your truck driver)


Hall entry for vehicles
Passenger cars, trucks, delivery vehicles and trailers must remain outside of the hall. This is in effect permanent from 03. October 00:00 through the end of breakdown and move-out 06. October 24:00. If your stand is located a large distance from the loading dock and door or you have larger goods to transport, we recommend obtaining a hand truck or other such transport aid.