Gaybo ltd. Takes Ownership of kayak brand Wave Sport

50TH Anniversary Splash Out – Kayak Manufacturer Gaybo Limited Celebrates Its Half-Centenary And Takes Ownership of kayak brand Wave Sport.

20-Sept-2018: British kayak manufacturer Gaybo Limited (Uckfield, East Sussex, UK), marks a mile stone 50th anniversary with the announcement of the successful purchase of kayak brand Wave Sport from Confluence Outdoors (Greenville, SC, USA)
Incorporated in August 1968, Gaybo Limited has been manufacturing kayaks for 50 years. The company operates out of its purpose built kayak factory in the South of England, UK.
Since 1986, Gaybo Limited has become well known for the manufacture and distribution of Perception Kayaks throughout Europe. The company remains a key Partner with Confluence Outdoors and will continue to work closely with them to grow Perception Kayaks in the marketplace.
Over the past ten years, Gaybo Limited has played an integral part in the success of Wave Sport. Initially starting with the manufacture of product for the European market and more recently to become the sole global manufacturer for the brand.


Graham Goldsmith, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Gaybo Limited, says: “It makes me very proud to think that Gaybo Limited has been continuously in business for 50 years.  This makes us the “oldest”, that is to say, the longest established kayak manufacturer in the UK still under original ownership!  What a way to celebrate with the acquisition of such a well-known brand.  It is our intention to push Wave Sport and Perception Kayaks forward together at the forefront of our industry.”

Matt Byham, Marketing Manager at Gaybo Limited says: “We are excited to have completed the purchase of this iconic and well-loved brand. We are proud to announce that we will continue to place significant investment into Wave Sport. The completion of this deal means we can immediately proceed with projects that have been in development for a number of years… the first new kayak under the new ownership will be the ‘Phoenix’ – a Wave Sport whitewater kayak due for release later this year.”

To see the current range of Wave Sport kayaks, visit:

More About Gaybo Limited
Gaybo Limited has a rich pedigree of exceptional achievements on the water with numerous first expedition descents, World Champions and Olympic Gold medal winning performances. A reputation for industry leading quality remains constant.  In the pursuit of perfection, it has pioneered the use of some of the most important materials in the development of canoeing; for instance, introducing Kevlar in competition kayaks in the 1970’s and more recently introducing Superlinear Polyethylene into the roto-moulding market.

More About Wave Sport
More than 30 years on from the very first Wave Sport kayak, the success of this leading kayak brand continues. In 1986, founder Chan Zwanzig conceived a vision of creating innovative whitewater kayak designs to bring the energy and passion of other outdoor sports into the paddlesports realm. This vision has steered whitewater paddling as we know it, producing many iconic and revolutionary designs over the years. Today this ethos for passion and energy still stands true… it’s always been about more than just the perfect wave or the cleanest waterfall; it’s also about the journey.

Find the latest Wave Sport products at PADDLEexpo 2018 on the Blue & White’s booth, hall 7A, stand I-54

Nookie Enamel Mug & Cornish Cider

The smallest new addition to the Nookie range is the unbreakable adventure mug.
Characterful laser etched enamel coated, heavy-duty, stainless steel mug. Designed to get even more attractive with age, each chip and imperfection brings a new level of uniqueness to each of these mugs. Heat and chemical resistance is achieved with a fused-glass coating.

Perfect for your favourite brew, hot or cold.

Nookie will be serving their chilled local Cornish Cider in these lovely mugs at PADDLEexpo this year. So come and say hi…

NOOKIE: PADDLEexpo 2018, Stand G28

adidas SICKLINE 2017

Extreme Kayak Sports meets professional media coverage

The adidas Sickline Extreme Kayak World Championship celebrates 10th anniversary in October 2017. For an entire decade the world’s best whitewater kayakers have spent the first week of October in Austria’s Ötztal. Year after year, the extreme paddlers gather in the small town of Oetz at the legendary „Wellerbrücke“ rapids to crown the World Champion in extreme kayak racing.

Benefits for Sponsors, Paddlers and Paddling Industry
In the past decade, adidas invested nearly three million euros in the realisation and international medialisation of the Extreme Kayak World Championship; 450,000 euros were spent in the Ötztal/ Tyrol region for products and services by local businesses. In the same period, Ötztal Tourism supported the event with an investment of 400,000 euros including allowance in kind. Each year, the adidas Sickline Worlds generate 2,500 to 3,000 overnight stays in the low season. The international media output of the Extreme Kayak World Championship is also extremely impressive: in total the event has attained 10,000 hours of TV broadcast in 190 countries in the form of 56,450 transmissions (news, reports, highlight shows, live broadcasts).

Video: Interview Axel Burkhardt, adidas AG Global Sports Marketing, Director Outdoor

Die Weltmeisterschaft der Extremkajaker jährt sich im Oktober 2017 zum 10. Mal. Seit nunmehr einem Jahrzehnt verbringen die besten Wildwasserkajaker der Welt die erste Oktoberwoche im Ötztal. Jahr für Jahr treffen sich die Extremsportler im beschaulichen Örtchen Oetz, um auf der legendären Wellerbrückenstrecke den adidas Sickline Extreme Kayak World Champion, also den Weltmeister im Extremkajaksprint zu küren.

Nutzen für Sponsoren, Kanufahrer und Branche
Die Firma adidas investierte im vergangenen Jahrzehnt fast drei Millionen Euro in die Realisierung und weltweite Medialisierung der Extremkajakweltmeisterschaft. Davon flossen rund 450.000 Euro in die Kassen von Betrieben und Dienstleistern aus dem Ötztal und dem Bundesland Tirol. Ötztal Tourismus unterstütze in diesem Zeitraum die Umsetzung des Events mit einem Investment von rund 400.000 Euro inklusive Sachleistungen. Insgesamt werden in der Region pro Jahr zwischen 2.500 und 3.000 Nächtigungen durch die adidas Sickline WM erzielt. Auch das Ergebnis der internationalen Medienarbeit kann sich sehen lassen: die Extremkajakweltmeisterschaft im Ötztal hat mehr als 10.000 Stunden TV-Berichterstattung in 190 Ländern mit 56.450 Ausstrahlungen (News, Reportage, Highlight Shows, Liveübertragungen) generiert.

Official event website:

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Boardsportsource: German Market

„SUP rental is growing even though we aren’t located on a lake. We work together with a SUP school where customers can test simple boards. We notice that they still tend to buy the high quality equipment.“

German Market Intel September 2017
It was almost a textbook summer in Germany this year. The Germans witnessed what they usually search for when holidaying: sunshine, blue skies, high temperatures and mild summer nights. But unfortunately due to extreme weather conditions – heavy rainfall, thunderstorms and extreme high temperatures – it was really hard for retailers.

Jochen Bauer took a look  at a cross section of German action sports shops. Find his report now here online at

About BoardsportSource
BoardsportSource is where the global boardsports business community goes to find out what’s going down in Europe and where European retailers go shopping. We are the B2B platform for the European boardsports industry.

2018 USA show dates and location

Paddlesports Retailer, the official tradeshow for paddlers in America, is moving to Oklahoma City in 2018.
The dates of the US event are: 28. – 30. August 2018.

There will be no conflict with the PADDLEexpo dates in Europe. PADDLEexpo 2018 will be from 05. – 07 October 2018 (Friday to Sunday)

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Blick auf den Kanusport-Markt

Outdoorhändlers Stiefkind
Paddeln – Kanu und Outdoor passen perfekt zusammen. Leider ist das Segment noch nicht im Outdoorfachhandel angekommen.

Lesenswerter Beitrag mit Einschätzungen von Experten in der Fachzeitschrift sport+mode, Schwerpunkt traditioneller Kanu- und Kajakmarkt.
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Das Fachmagazin für Entscheider im Sportfachhandel und der gesamten Branche. Informiert den deutschsprachigen Sportfachhandel per Printmedium und online über alle relevanten Neuigkeiten und Entwicklungen.
Dazu gehören u. a. die Bereiche Wirtschaft, Messen, Unternehmen, Handelsmarketing, Verkaufsstrategie, Sortimentsauswahl, Handels- und Verbandspolitik, Personalien und Recht.
sport+mode bietet kompetente Berichterstattung dank enger Kontakte zu Handel, Einkaufsverbänden, Handelsvertretern, Industrie und zum Verband Deutscher Sportfachhandel (vds) als dessen offizielles Organ. Den wichtigsten Messen (Ispo, OutDoor) widmet sport+mode jeweils Sonderausgaben mit deutlich erhöhter Auflage.

USA Paddlesport Retailer date is 28. Aug. – 1. Sept. 2017

News from our colleagues in Wisconsin:
The dates of the US Paddlesports trade show have moved from middle September to 28. August (Open Air Demo Day) followed by 3 days in the hall (29.Aug., 30.Aug., 1.Sept.)
This allows the exhibitors a bit more time to finish the US show and to travel to PADDLEexpo, Germany.

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