Paddeln macht Spass – Kanu & SUP on Tour

Gemeinsame Paddelsport-Promotion-Tour.
Jeder sollte Paddeln auf den schönsten Gewässern in ganz Deutschland ausprobieren und den ‎Wassersport für sich entdecken!

In Kooperation mit dem ‎Caravan Salon, der boot Düsseldorf, Weinsberg, Pin Camp, dem Deutschen Kanuverband und weiteren Sponsoren fürs Equipment zeigt das Team um Lars Thierling von der Agentur ‎2increase auch dieses Jahr wieder die Vielfalt des Paddelsports und vermittelt die Begeisterung fürs Paddeln.

„Paddeln macht Spass“ findet deutschlandweit statt. Zunächst packt das Team das Material in den CARALOFT und trifft sich in Köln. Dort wird an das Wohnmobil der Anhänger mit ca. 25 Kanus, Kajaks und SUPs angekuppelt.
· 3 Wochen ist das Team auf den deutschen Straßen und Autobahnen unterwegs
· besucht dabei insgesamt 8 Campingplätze, die an ein paar der schönsten Seen Deutschlands liegen
· informiert die Probepaddler über den Wassersport, Kleidung, Zubehör und Destinationen
· informiert die Camper rund um das Thema Schnorcheln und gibt Tipps für Anlaufstellen, um Tauchen zu lernen
· bieten dabei kostenloses Kanu-, Kajakfahren, Schnupperschnorcheln und Stand Up Paddling an!

Während der Tour führt das Team ein Online-Tagebuch. Bilder, Geschichten und Erlebnisse können gelesen, gesehen und somit verfolgt werden. Parallel dazu ist die Aktion auch unter zu finden.

Projektleitet Lars Thierling:
„Die Tour ist ein innovativer Schritt für die Branche nicht als Einzelkämpfer, sondern gemeinsam Menschen ins Boot und aufs Wasser zu bringen oder einfach auch mal abzutauchen. Wir wollen die Menschen vom Wassersport begeistern.“
Das Probepaddeln ist für viele Urlauber das Highlight ihrer Ferien.  Kanu- und Kajakinteressierte nutzen die Chance, Boote zu testen und sich über Preise und Modelle zu informieren.

Tour-Stopps 2019:
17-18.07.19 Camping & Ferienpark Falkensteinsee, Falkensteinsee 1, 27777 Ganderkesee
22-23.07.19 Campingpark Augstfelde, Augstfelde 1, 24306 Plön
24-25.07.19 Campingpark Zuruf, Seestraße 38D, 19395 Plau am See
27-28.07.19 See-Camping Neubäu,Seestraße 4, 93426 Roding-Neubäu
29-30.07-19 Camping Waging am See, Am See 1, 83329 Waging am See
01-02.08.19 Via Claudia Camping, Via Claudia 6, 86982 Lechbruck am See
03-04.08.19 Knaus Campingpark Bad Dürkheim, In den Almen 1, 67098 Bad Dürkheim
05-06.08.19 Camping- & Ferienpark Teichmann, Zum Träumen 1a, 34516 Vöhl-Herzhausen


Alle aktuellen Infos hier:

OutDoor by ISPO: the new outdoor movement

ISPO and PADDLEexpo are two completely independent organisations who have started a very successful partnership ten years ago. This year, from June 30 to July 3, 2019, our partners at Munich will organise the first “OutDoor by ISPO”, and PADDLEexpo will be there to promote our sport and our industry. PADDLEexpo will be held at Nuremberg in October 2019, as usual.

“Water sports enthusiasts will feel right at home in Hall C6 in the River Lake Camp organized in conjunction with PADDLEexpo. They can enjoy testing out the latest products designed for activities involving nature’s wettest of elements in the large indoor pool. The program will also include various workshops, presentations and discussion forums.”

> Munich, Germany, June 30 – July 3, 2019
> More than 950 exhibitors expected

> Highlights of supporting program fixed
> OutDays: outdoor festival for end consumers during trade show time

OutDoor by ISPO is the first year-round, integrative and cross-media platform designed for a new outdoor movement. It also includes the OutDoor by ISPO trade fair, the perfect event for bringing together the international outdoor industry. It will be held for the first time ever at the Messe München site from June 30 to July 3, 2019 and will be organized in close cooperation with the European Outdoor Group (EOG) trade association.

More than 950 international exhibitors spanning nine halls are expected to be at the premiere. The event will be held under the motto “There’s a perfect outdoor for everyone” and will reflect consumers’ modern understanding of the outdoors: Classic outdoor activities such as climbing and hiking will form the basis but will to some extent be reinterpreted and transformed into forms such as bouldering and speed hiking. New segments such as mountain biking, trail running and water sports will also feature. OutDoor by ISPO will also be branching out by tapping into other industries outside of the outdoor sector, thus providing visitors with inspiration and valuable knowledge gained from other areas, such as environmental technology or digital retail and technology solutions.

The first OutDoor by ISPO in Munich will mark the dawn of a new outdoor era. The ISPO team has succeeded in developing a modern consumer-centric concept in close collaboration with the industry. The aim now is to inspire as many people as possible worldwide, break down barriers and highlight the many opportunities and types of “outdoor” that exist.

Nine halls with over 96,000 m2 of exhibition space in the eastern part of the trade fair grounds in Munich will bring the outdoor scene to life. Wide central aisles will help visitors get their bearings and gain a quick overview. The open-plan design with plenty of room for holding meetings will ensure that the whole event is a truly inspiring communications platform. A real outdoor feeling will also be achieved in the outside area with direct access to the halls, the green atrium (functioning as a quiet zone during the day and a party area during the evening) and the camping and glamping site. The Riemer Park, directly adjacent to the exhibition grounds, offers spacious green areas and a lake for swimming after the visit to the fair.

Hot topic: sustainability
The outdoor sector is already playing a leading role within the industry in terms of raising awareness of sustainability issues and social responsibility. Various different working groups are developing a comprehensive sustainability concept under the OutDoor by ISPO umbrella. The major driving forces behind this are the European Outdoor Group (EOG), the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) and the OutDoor by ISPO Advisory Board. Environmental pollution and deforestation along with their negative impact on the climate have been identified as the biggest challenges that need to be overcome. Existing ideas and approaches for reducing water and electricity consumption, minimizing waste and reusing resources will be assessed and ranked in terms of their importance and then incorporated into a Code of Conduct throughout the entire duration of the trade fair. With the additional support of research findings and projections, this will result, in the medium term, in a general fact-based guideline with specific, practical recommendations for managing emissions, water and waste in the outdoor sector. Based on OutDoor by ISPO and the outdoor industry, it will be extended to the entire ISPO platform and trade fair location.
The CSR Hub & Sustainability Kiosk located in Hall B6 will be a central reference point on all related matters for visitors throughout the trade fair. Display cabinets showcasing biodegradable and bio-based materials will take center stage. There will also be a diverse program of speeches and presentations packed with tips and inspirational ideas for achieving sustainable operations.

The new outdoor mindset: “outdoor” covers a myriad of concepts
The very fact that the word “outdoor” means so many different things to so many different people is reflected in the diverse range of topics covered by OutDoor by ISPO. Some of them will be specifically delved into and looked at in detail in various different Focus and Activation Areas.
Climbing and bouldering centers are booming, especially in urban areas, making climbing sports accessible to new target groups. The Indoor Climbing Hub located in Hall A6 will focus specifically on this trend. Speakers from the international climbing scene will provide exclusive insights, highlight potential and identify opportunities for retailers and brands.
The Borderlands will celebrate its world debut. A curated exhibition space for urban outdoor fashion will be created in Hall B4 together with, a media platform for outdoor life & style. The progressive project bridges the gap between outdoor and lifestyle. Technical yet stylish products will be showcased together with design elements and photography to create an inspiring overall impression. There will also be a separate catering area featuring superfoods to help visitors recharge their batteries.

The latest technology, models, trends and designs from the world of footwear, socks and related accessories will feature in Hall A5 in the Shoe & Trailrunning Village. This area will also play host to the Run & Trail Summit on Monday, July 1, in cooperation with the world’s largest running magazine Runner’s World. The travel segment is a new addition to the outdoor portfolio. The Adventure, Tourism & Travel Summit in Hall B6 will unveil opportunities for collaborations between the travel industry and the outdoor industry and highlight existing potential. Matchmaking will be at the heart of the extensive program. Partners will be experts from the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA).

Bikepacking now represents a major trend in alternative travel, allowing you to get off the beaten track of mass tourism. The Bikepacking Zone in Hall C5 will tell you everything you need to know about this new movement and show you what the equipment involved has to offer. It will be part of the bike segment, which is being integrated for the first time ever this year as part of a soft launch. This will also involve the Bike Test Track organized in cooperation with ExtraEnergy. This track with mixed surfaces and obstacles will be the perfect place to test ride gravel bikes, mountain bikes and electric mountain bikes. The biggest bike textile producers on the market will also be showcasing their latest collections in Hall B6.

“Outdoor” action will of course not be confined to the halls but will also be available in the outside area: the HangOut Area, designed as an interactive exhibition space, will be the perfect place to try out a wide variety of products. Especially meat lovers will enjoy the barbecue in Kreutzers Outdoor Kitchen. As an integral addition to the various outdoor activities, daily yoga sessions will be held in four of the focus areas as part of the Body & Mind segment. They will be based around the four elements and will each comprise relevant exercises: fire will represent the climbing-specific program in the Indoor Climbing Hub; the natural flow of water will be at the heart of the session in the River Lake Camp; runners will be able to strengthen their bodies and minds using the theme of earth in the Shoe & Trailrunning Village and the outside exhibition area will provide the perfect location for exercises using the theme of air.
A complete overview of all the focus areas is available online.

OutDays – a festival of outdoor culture
The OutDoor by ISPO trade fair may be reserved for trade visitors but everyone else can look forward to getting involved in OutDays from June 29 to July 6 in the metropolitan area of Munich. End consumers, brands and retailers will become a vital part of this new movement through the festival celebrating outdoor culture.
Participants can expect exclusive workshops, meet & greets, try-outs, film screenings, presentations, prize draws and contests. The contents will also reflect the diverse nature of the entire outdoor world: from bouldering, climbing, mountain biking and trail running right through to different water sports, adventure travel and camping. The OutDays program will be available from mid of May 2019 on the Web page.

Outstanding Outdoor – award-winning innovative products
Europe’s largest outdoor trade fair is also a hot spot for innovative products and trends. “Outstanding Outdoor” is an award designed to recognize stand-out products in the outdoor industry. This seal of quality helps retailers, the press and end consumers find their bearings in the increasingly complex product landscape. The winners will feature in the exhibition space of the same name in Hall B5.

For trade visitors: discounted entry and help with planning your visit OutDoor by ISPO’s new ticket model is particularly beneficial for sports traders. Retailers and wholesalers as well as distributors can get their day ticket at the early bird rate (from EUR 15) up to May 20, 2019. Afterwards, the tickets will cost EUR 17. Other trade visitor groups such as product managers, designers, accessories manufacturers, suppliers or event agencies and sports facilities operators can purchase tickets from EUR 75 and/or EUR 79. There’s no better way to plan your visit than with the OutDoor by ISPO app. The personalized homescreen provides an overview of relevant events and exhibitors as well as hall plans. All users can discuss current topics and network in the Community area. Free WiFi will also be available on the exhibition premises.

The obligatory date on Tuesday, July 2, is the official OutDoor by ISPO party with live music, starting at 6 p.m. in the Atrium East.

Event location: Messe München
Dates: June 30 to July 3, 2019
Opening hours:
• Sunday, June 30 to Tuesday, July 2: 9:00 a.m – 6:00 p.m.,
• Wednesday, July 3: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Tickets & Registration:


OutDoor by ISPO: Die neue Outdoor-Bewegung

ISPO und PADDLEexpo sind zwei völlig unabhängige Organisationen, die vor zehn Jahren eine sehr erfolgreiche Partnerschaft begonnen haben. Vom 30. Juni bis 3. Juli 2019 organisieren unsere Partner in München die erste “OutDoor by ISPO”. PADDLEexpo wird dabei sein, um dort unseren Sport und unsere Industrie zu fördern. Die PADDLEexpo wird wie gewohnt im Oktober 2019 in Nürnberg stattfinden.

“Wassersport-Enthusiasten finden in Halle C6 im River Lake Camp in Kooperation mit der PADDLEexpo ihren Platz: Im großen Indoor-Pool können die neusten Produkte rund um Aktivitäten im nassen Element getestet werden. Verschiedene Workshops, Vorträge und Diskussionsrunden komplettieren das Programm.”

> Messe München, 30. Juni – 3. Juli 2019
> Mehr als 950 Aussteller zur Fachmesse erwartet

> Highlights des Rahmenprogramms stehen fest
> OutDays: Outdoor-Festival für Endverbraucher während der Messelaufzeit

OutDoor by ISPO ist die erste ganzjährige, integrative und crossmediale Plattform für eine neue Outdoor-Bewegung. Dazu gehört auch die OutDoor by ISPO Fachmesse, als Treffpunkt für die internationale Outdoorbranche. Sie findet erstmals vom 30. Juni bis 3. Juli 2019 auf dem Gelände der Messe München statt und wird in enger Partnerschaft mit dem Branchenverband European Outdoor Group (EOG) durchgeführt.

Mehr als 950 internationale Aussteller, verteilt auf neun Hallen, werden zur Premiere erwartet. Die Veranstaltung folgt dem Motto „There’s a perfect outdoor for everyone“ und spiegelt ein modernes Outdoor-Verständnis wider, wie es von den Konsumenten bereits gelebt wird: Klassische Outdoor-Aktivitäten wie Klettern oder Wandern bilden die Basis, werden teils neu interpretiert und in Formen wie Bouldern und Speed-Hiking transformiert. Hinzu kommen neue Segmente wie Mountainbike, Trail Running und Wassersport. Darüber hinaus erschließt OutDoor by ISPO Branchen außerhalb der Outdoor-Industrie und ermöglicht so Inspiration und wertvollen Wissenstransfer aus anderen Bereichen, beispielsweise Umwelttechnologien oder digitale Handels- und Technologielösungen.

Die erste OutDoor by ISPO in München markiert den Aufbruch in ein neues Outdoor-Zeitalter. Im engen Austausch mit der Branche entwickelte das ISPO-Team ein modernes konsumentenzentriertes Konzept. Ziel ist es, möglichst viele Menschen weltweit zu begeistern, Hemmschwellen abzubauen und die Vielzahl der Möglichkeiten und Spielarten von „outdoor“ aufzuzeigen.

Neun Hallen mit über 96.000 Quadratmeter Ausstellungsfläche im Osten des Münchner Messgeländes machen Outdoor erlebbar. Breite Mittelgänge erleichtern die Orientierung und helfen den Besuchern, sich einen schnellen Überblick zu verschaffen. Durch ein offenes Design mit ausreichend Platz für Gespräche wird die gesamte Veranstaltung zu einer inspirierenden Kommunikations-Plattform. Das echte Outdoor-Gefühl entsteht zusätzlich im Freigelände mit direktem Zugang zu den Hallen, dem grünen Atrium – tagsüber als Ruhe-, abends als Partyzone – sowie auf dem Camping- und Glampingplatz. Der direkt ans Messegelände angrenzende Riemer Park lädt mit großzügigen Grünflächen und Badesee nach dem Messebesuch zum Entspannen ein.

Topthema Nachhaltigkeit
Die Outdoor-Branche übernimmt in der Industrie bereits eine Vorreiterrolle hinsichtlich des Bewusstseins für Nachhaltigkeit und soziale Verantwortung. Unter dem Dach von OutDoor by ISPO entwickeln verschiedene Arbeitsgruppen ein ganzheitliches Nachhaltigkeitskonzept. Wichtige Impulsgeber sind, neben der European Outdoor Group (EOG), die European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) und das OutDoor by ISPO Advisory Board. Gemeinsam wurden Umweltverschmutzung und Abholzung mit ihren negativen Auswirkungen auf das Klima als größten Herausforderungen identifiziert, die es zu bearbeiten gilt. Bestehende Ideen und Ansätze für die Einsparung von Wasser und Strom, Müllreduzierung, verbunden mit der Wiederverwendung von Ressourcen, werden nach ihrer Bedeutung bewertet und fließen zunächst in einen Code of Conduct, Verhaltenskodex, für die Dauer der Messe ein. Auf dieser Basis entsteht, gestützt durch Forschungsergebnisse und Hochrechnungen, mittelfristig ein genereller, faktenbasierter Nachhaltigkeits-Leitfaden mit konkreten Empfehlungen für das Emissions-, Wasser- und Müllmanagement. Ausgehend von OutDoor by ISPO und der Outdoor-Branche soll er auf die gesamte ISPO Plattform und den Messestandort ausgeweitet werden.
Für alle Besucher gibt es mit dem CSR Hub & Sustainability Kiosk in Halle B6 während der Messe einen zentralen Anlaufpunkt zu diesem Thema. Im Mittelpunkt stehen Showcases zu biologisch abbaubaren und biobasierten Materialien. Hinzu kommt ein facettenreiches Vortragsprogramm mit Tipps und Impulsen für nachhaltiges Handeln.

Das neue Outdoor-Mindset: “outdoor” ist vielfältig
Wie individuell der Begriff „Outdoor“ mittlerweile definiert wird, zeigt die Vielfalt der Themen von OutDoor by ISPO. In diversen Focus und Activation Areas werden einige von ihnen spezifisch aufbereitet und vertieft.
Besonders im städtischen Raum boomen die Kletter- und Boulderhallen, machen den Klettersport zugänglich für neue Zielgruppen. Der Indoor Climbing Hub in Halle A6 widmet sich genau dieser Entwicklung. Speaker aus der internationalen Kletterszene bieten exklusive Insights, beleuchten Potenziale und zeigen Möglichkeiten für Händler und Marken auf.
Eine echte Weltpremiere feiert The Borderlands. Gemeinsam mit, mediale Plattform für Outdoor Life & Style, entsteht in Halle B4 eine kuratierte Ausstellungsfläche für urbane Outdoor-Fashion. Das progressive Projekt schlägt die Brücke zwischen Outdoor und Lifestyle. Technische, zugleich lifestyle-geprägte Produkte werden vereint mit Design und Fotografie für einen inspirierenden Gesamteindruck. Eine eigene Catering-Area mit Superfood lädt zum Verweilen ein.

Die neuesten Technologien und Modelle, Trends und Designs aus der Welt der Schuhe, Socken und passenden Accessoires prägen die Halle A5 mit dem Shoe & Trailrunning Village. Die Fläche ist am Montag, 1. Juli zudem Schauplatz des Run & Trail Summits in Kooperation mit dem weltweit größten Laufmagazin Runner’s World.

Neu im Outdoor-Portfolio ist das Travel-Segment. Der Adventure, Tourism & Travel Summit in Halle B6 zeigt Möglichkeiten zur Zusammenarbeit zwischen Reise- und Outdoor-Branche auf und benennt die bestehenden Potenziale. Das Matchmaking steht im Mittelpunkt des umfassenden Programms. Partner sind die Experten der Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA).

Ein großer Trend für alternatives Reisen abseits vom Massentourismus ist Bikepacking. Die Bikepacking Zone in Halle C5 zeigt auf, was hinter der neuen Bewegung steckt und was das Equipment zu bieten hat. Sie ist Teil des Bike-Segments, das in diesem Jahr im Rahmen eines Soft-Launchs erstmals integriert wird. Dazu gehört auch der Bike Test Track in Kooperation mit ExtraEnergy. Eine Strecke mit verschiedenen Untergründen und Hindernissen lädt zum Test von Gravel-, Mountain- und E-Mountainbikes ein. Ergänzend zeigen die größten Bike-Textiliten auf dem Markt in Halle B6 ihre neuen Kollektionen.

Ganz „outdoor“ ist nicht nur in den Hallen, sondern auch auf der Freifläche Action angesagt: Die HangOutArea als interaktive Ausstellungsfläche lädt zum Ausprobieren und Testen verschiedenster Produkte ein. Beim Barbecue in Kreutzers Outdoor Kitchen kommen vor allem Fleischliebhaber auf ihre Kosten. Als ganzheitliche Ergänzung zu den verschiedenen Outdoor-Aktivitäten finden in vier der Focus Areas tägliche Yoga-Sessions statt, die das Body & Mind-Segment repräsentieren. Sie orientieren sich an den vier Elementen und umfassen jeweils passende Übungen: Feuer steht für das kletterspezifische Programm im Indoor Climbing Hub. Der natürliche Flow des Wassers ist Mittelpunkt der Session im River Lake Camp. Läufer stärken Körper und Geist unter dem Motto Erde im Shoe & Trailrunning Village und das Außengelände bietet den passenden Rahmen für die Übungen unter dem Motto Luft.
Einen Gesamtüberblick über alle Sonderflächen ist online verfügbar.

Die OutDays – ein Festival der Outdoor-Kultur
Zwar ist die OutDoor by ISPO Messe dem Fachpublikum vorbehalten, doch alle anderen dürfen sich ebenfalls freuen, wenn die OutDays vom 29. Juni bis 6. Juli in der Metropolregion München zum Mitmachen einladen. Endverbraucher, Marken und Händler werden bei diesem Festival der Outdoor-Kultur zu einem lebendigen Teil dieser neuen Bewegung. Die Teilnehmer erwarten exklusive Workshops, Meet & Greets, Try-Outs, Filmvorführungen und Vorträge, Gewinnspiele und Contests. Die Inhalte spiegeln ebenfalls die Vielfalt der gesamten Outdoor-Themenwelt wider: von Bouldern oder Klettern über Mountainbiken, Trailrunning und verschiedenen Wassersportarten bis hin zu Abenteuerreisen und Camping. Das Programm der OutDays ist ab Mai 2019 auf der Website zu finden.

Outstanding Outdoor – Ausgezeichnete Innovationen
Europas größte Fachmesse für die Outdoor-Branche ist auch Ort der Innovationen und Trends. Mit der Auszeichnung „Outstanding Outdoor“ werden die herausragendsten Produkte der Outdoor-Industrie gekürt. Das Qualitätssiegel gibt Händlern, Presse sowie dem Endverbraucher Orientierung in der zunehmenden Komplexität der Produktlandschaft. Die Gewinner sind in der gleichnamigen Ausstellungsfläche in Halle B5 zu sehen.

Für Fachbesucher: Vergünstigter Zugang und vereinfachte Besuchsplanung
Vor allem der Sportfachhandel wird durch das neue Ticketmodell der OutDoor by ISPO gestärkt. Einzel- und Großhändler sowie Distributoren erhalten ihr Tagesticket im Early Bird Tarif bis 20. Mai 2019 schon ab 15 Euro. Danach werden 19 Euro fällig. Andere Fachbesuchergruppen wie Produktmanager, Designer, Zubehörhersteller, Zulieferer oder auch Eventagenturen und Betreiber von Sporteinrichtungen starten bei einem Ticketpreis von 75 bzw. 79 Euro.
Für die optimale Besuchsplanung empfiehlt sich die OutDoor by ISPO App. Durch den personalisierten Homescreen liefert sie einen Überblick über jeweils relevante Events und Aussteller inklusive Hallenplan. Im Community-Bereich können sich alle User zu aktuellen Themen austauschen und vernetzen. Auf dem Messgelände steht zudem ein kostenloses WiFi zur Verfügung.

Pflichttermin am Dienstag, 2. Juli, ist die offizielle OutDoor by ISPO Party mit Livemusik, ab 18.00 Uhr im Atrium Ost.

Veranstaltungsort: Messe München
Datum: 30. Juni bis 03. Juli 2019
• Sonntag, 30. Juli bis Dienstag 02. Juli: 9.00 – 18.00 Uhr,
• Mittwoch, 03. Juli: 9.00 – 17.00 Uhr
Tickets & Registrierung:


The end of an era – 32 years at Palm Equipment with Bob Slee

Clevedon, 10 May 2019

Bob the Builder is retiring!
After thirty two years at the coal face of Palm our co-founder Bob Slee is hanging up his tool belt.. but probably not putting his feet up.

Bob helped Andy start Palm; building their first kayaks together. After ten years on the high-seas working as a pilot in the Merchant Navy, Bob arrived back at Palm wearing seafaring white socks and bringing a ‘Shipshape & Bristol Fashion’ attitude.

Bob brought the ethos of can make; will make; make it better as our technical director. Never more happy than in his overalls with an angle grinder in hand, he is responsible for us having a purpose-built factory, with its own roto-moulding oven – all built by Bob.
Always a champion of paddlesport’s place in the world, Bob’s strong Bristol accent has echoed in the ear of Westminster MPs as chair of the Association of Canoe Trades and more recently as a founder Marlins Canoe Club in Palm’s hometown.

Having no intention of stopping, Bob has prepared for this moment by constructing the World’s most over-specced Man Cave, where he can enjoy his woodturning. He’s made camp on the North Devon coast where he takes his sea kayak out catching fish and through careful breeding has crafted a small army of grandchildren who dote after Grandad.

Bob will be well and truly missed at Palm and through the paddling trade. So please join us in wishing him all the very very best and saying thank you.
The Palm Team

Durance Festival 2019

The 2019 Durance Fest is back on July 12/14th. Tons of new cool things this year including a Creek Race down the Guil Gorge:

– The “Grande Descente” – A multi-craft flotilla from St Clément to Embrun
– The Guil Gorge Chrono, a creek race down the Chateau Queyras Gorge
– Clinics – Creeking/Freeride, River Sup, Safety, Ladies Specific, Open Canoe
– Guided Descents for Newcomers– Open to the public & friends of paddlers, Raft, Inflatable Canoes, River Sup
– Exhibitor Village – Check out brands and shop for and test out gear
– SUP Challenge – Mass-start race from St Clément to Le Rabioux. (Class 2 mostly)
– Open Air Cinema – Watch awesome paddling films under the stars on Saturday night

More soon at

Guy Ringrave, founder of Woo, died paddling.

Guy Ringrave, founder of Woo (Waina Outrigger Organisation), lost his life in a paddling accident on 24-April-2019.

“A charismatic character, visionary, human and with a big heart. Waterman in the soul. A good friend, a passionate leader, his motto was endurance. We will continue to grow Woo with the same desire, the same passion and the same determination that he has transmitted to us.”
(More in French on the Woo website or facebook )

From the Woo website:
In Europe, the development of this activity was constrained by the very small number of outrigger canoe available on the market. And that’s from this shortage that was born the project Waina Outrigger Organisation in 2009. We want to manufacture IN FRANCE our own models of outrigger canoes in order to offer an impeccable quality and after-sales service. The arrival of new composite technologies has made the canoe ancestral an amazing support for glide and pleasure. The practice of outrigger canoe, which became light, resistant and easily demountable, became THE sport of the Polynesian islands before expanding beyond its natural boundaries. 8 years later, Woo became the European leader in the manufacture of outrigger canoe: we export to Spain, Portugal, Italy, Norway, Canada, Cape Verde and Costa Rica, and we are also present in Réunion and in Guadeloupe.

(screenshot “So Francais”)

“So Francais”
Woo Outrigger une aventure de passionnés (2018) on facebook
Woo Outrigger une aventure de passionnés (2018) on youtube

Ocean plastic rubbish turned into kayaks

BBC one: Blue Planet UK
How ocean plastic rubbish is turned into kayaks
Presenter Steve Brown visits Plymouth to meet Rob Thompson, the ocean activist working with Islander kayaks to clean up the seas.

ISLANDER Odyssey displayed at PADDLEexpo 2018:

Visit this website to learn more about ISLANDER kayaks:

2018 Visitor Guide:
Palm Equipment partnered with Odyssey Innovation to develop the world’s first marine waste recycled plastic kayak. Under the Islander brand, Palm will be launching the Paradise Odyssey and Paradise II Odyssey sit on tops in its 2019 range. The project was developed through collaborating with Rob Thompson, the founder of non-profit organisation Fathoms Free and of Odyssey Innovation, who sought to convert the waste material he and his team of volunteers collected during beach cleans and dives. Since the start of this year, we’ve been proto-typing and testing the material in boats throughout Europe and using them in campaigns to collect more plastic and raise awareness about marine waste

TIDERACE new brand manager Ivan Lawler

You will have seen some big changes at Tiderace recently, with the new factory venture with Nelo Kayaks, along with some new designs and Nelo’s seamless construction. Now it is time to introduce the new brand manager for all things Tiderace… Ivan Lawler.
Ivan is based in the UK and will be taking over Dave Felton’s current role. Dave will remain in the background to keep some continuity and as an advisor until such time he is no longer needed, at which point he will be off to enjoy a well earned retirement!

Ivan comes to Tiderace with a history of paddling that goes back almost 50 years to when he first got in a kayak age 5. His family were in the sport and he followed in their footsteps. He says he has been incredibly fortunate in his competitive career and is a retired veteran of three Olympic Games (1988, 1992, and 1996) and with 6 World Titles over 10,000m and marathon distances.

His link to Tiderace has come through the connection with Nelo Kayaks whose boats he has been selling for around 15 years. He loves being a part of the Nelo family and has watched them grow from being a relative outsider in the race world to being the undisputed champions. From one Olympic medal in 1996 they have now reached a massive 27 medals from a possible 36 in Rio! This meteoric rise is all based on the quality of their product and the service of their workforce.

Ivan’s kayaking time has not just been racing, he is an active coach. If you have time there is a youtube video of him coaching forward paddling.
From flatwater racing he moved to surf ski and got a taste of the joy the ocean can give. He says he is still relatively new to the world of sea kayaking but the new range of Tiderace is already tempting him to do more!

TIDERACE Kayaks; Founder Dave Felton at PADDLEexpo 2018

His motivation is to get as many people as possible out there enjoying natures best! With Tiderace Sea Kayaks he believes our customers will be able to have the best possible experience on their ocean adventures.
Ivan hopes this is the beginning of a profitable new era in the evolution of the Tiderace brand.


Launch of

Lyon, 11 Feb 2019: Kayaksession Publishing introduces new media service

Dear paddlesports fanatics and gear junkies,
We are extremely pleased to announce today the official launch of our newest media: The Paddlers Guide –

A new website that was missing in our portfolio, dedicated to all the gear available on the paddlesport market. It is the direct and logic evolution of our annual print and digital publication the PADDLEexpo Buyers Guide, renamed this year for good reasons… the Paddler’s Guide.

You can navigate looking for a specific brand, a specific product, per activity, or per type of product. You will notice also the possibility to find a retailer close to your home carrying the product of your choice.
But The Paddler’s Guide in its web version is more than a collection gear. You can check the latest news, the latest products launched, where to find an outfitter, and even get online instruction. We hope you will enjoy this website.
Happy paddling!

The team @ The Paddler’s Guide is the latest media product of Kayaksession Publishing, the makers of:
Kayak Session, the International Whitewater Magazine
Paddle World, the International Paddlesports Magazine
SUP World Mag, the International Stand Up Paddling Magazine

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