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BLOG 2017-12

BLOG 2017-11
CANOE-KAYAK Magazine #247: PADDLEexpo 2017 review
DKV KANU SPORT 11-2017: Nachlese PADDLEexpo 2017
PADLER Magazin (CZ) 2017 #4: PADDLEexpo 2017 review

BLOG 2017-10
Wassersport-Wirtschaft (BV-Kanu) 2017-04
KANU-Magazin 2017 #5 Messereport
Kajak-Magazin 2017 #6 Messereport
Kayak Session Buyers Guide 2018
adidas SICKLINE 2017
Sport + Mode 2017/11
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facebook | KayakSession Magazine | Young Pirates
facebook | KayakSession Magazine | DragoRossi DR9
facebook | KayakSession Magazine | Wave Sport (name?)
facebook | KayakSession Magazine | Peak UK Riverguide Vest
facebook | KayakSession Magazine | Palm Shuck Helmet
facebook | KayakSession Magazine | Peak UK Throwline
facebook | KayakSession Magazine | Palm Rescue Extreme Vest
facebook | KayakSession Magazine | Hiko Jackpot Slalom PFD
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facebook | KayakSession Magazine | Spade Kayaks Black Jack
facebook | SUP World Magazine | Aquadesign BiDrop Board
facebook | SUP World Magazine | Sipaboard integrated inflation system
facebook | SUP World Magazine | Starboard SUP Hypernut 7’4″ foil board
facebook | SUP World Magazine | Werner Paddles ZEN
facebook | SUP World Magazine | Starboard SUP Airlinetechnology
facebook | SUP World Magazine | Hala-Gear new SUP-board fin range
facebook | Paddle World Magazine | EastPole Paddles
facebook | Paddle World Magazine | Kokatat Leviathan PFD
facebook | Paddle World Magazine | Creek Cooler
facebook | Paddle World Magazine | Kokopelli Renegade
facebook | Paddle World Magazine | Melker Kayaks Rödlöga
facebook | Paddle World Magazine | Freefall Paddles
facebook | Paddle World Magazine | Gumotex SeaWave
facebook | Paddle World Magazine | Native Watercraft Titan 13.5
facebook | Paddle World Magazine | Rotomod Tango Angler Evolution
facebook | Paddle World Magazine | NRS Seavest & Riptide
facebook | Paddle World Magazine | Jackson Kayak Cruiser FT
facebook | Paddle World Magazine | Pelican Catch 100
youtube | Dragorossi | Nuovo modello DR9o
facebook | Kajak-Magazin | Bildergalerie
BOARDSPORTSOURCE Show Roundup & Images
SUP-Magazin (Klasing) | SUP Neuheiten 2018 direkt von der Paddle Expo
Stand Up Magazin (Mike Jucker) | PADDLEexpo 2017
Stand Up Magazin (Mike Jucker) | Industry Reality check
SUP-Matrose | SUP-Neuheiten 2018 frisch von der PADDLEexpo
Unsponsored | More 2018 Gear From Paddle Expo 2017
Unsponsored | Dagger Kayaks 2018
Unsponsored | Silverbirch Rebel 11.3
Unsponsored | Pyranha 2018
Unsponsored | Shuck
Unsponsored | Dragorossi DR9 – First Look
Unsponsored | Wavesport’s New Kayak
facebook | Mallorca Sea Kayaking
facebook | Vertics Sleeves
facebook | NSP – Surf and Stand Up Paddle Boards
facebook | MountainVein
facebook | SUP-Verein
facebook | Aldura sport-adventure travel

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BLOG 2017-09
Kayaksession Awards 2017
BOARDSPORTSOURCE Show Roundup & Images
Tickets after 15-Sept-2017
Altstadtfest Nürnberg
One Ocean, Two Seas, One Destiny
WARNING – do not buy „attendees list“
Oktoberfest Munich
B2B Magazin outdoor.markt
History: 2011 PADDLEexpo Promo
Show Directory
Water Sports Job Market
Boardsportsource: German Market
Light-SUP Inflatables in Holz-Optik
Jetzt in der sport + mode Fachpresse
Blue Planet SUP Hydrofoil
F2 Boardsports 2018 SUP line
25th Anniversary LAMINEX
Thomas Konietzko besucht PADDLEexpo
What’s brewing at PEAK UK?
Expotime is calendartime #2
Expotime is calendartime #1
The all-new “Tsunami”
MELKER Kayaks at PADDLEexpo
Nuremberg – Spend a day extra
XXL Paddelfestival 2018
NRS Phantom Jackets

BLOG 2017-08
DUO Boards and NSP 2018
2018 USA show dates and location
NORSE Kayaks expanding export now
WERNER: Ultimate Paddle Performance
PALM: Get the whole picture
KAYAKPRO: new dealer structure
STARBOARD treibende Kraft im SUP Markt
RTM novelty at PADDLEexpo
DAG Sit-On-Top, Sea- and River-Kayaks
AGB für den Verbrauchsgüterkauf
Meet friends, do business
kajak-Magazin mitten im Geschehen
Lettmann Skagerrak 2018
Sealline: watertight gear protection
Revealing more exciting new products than ever!
Kajak Sport Components
GUMOTEX inflatable boats
RTM – Fishing kayaks made in France

BLOG 2017-07
Be the first to know!
Show Directory now online
YOUNG PIRATES: Customized fit and innovation
RESTUBE more freedom & water safety
WAVE SPORT: stay ahead of your competition
Point 65 modular take-apart kayaks
Melker Ulvön nominated to the German Design Award
Prijon Novelties 2018
Kober-Moll Paddles
PALM key staff at PADDLEexpo

BLOG 2017-06
Booking website for paddle sports
Floor Plan 2017 Draft
Blick auf den Kanusport-Markt
Hall is fully booked
Neue Webseite: Vajda Kajaks Deutschland
Now: Exhibitor Application

BLOG 2017-02
PADDLEexpo dates 2018
USA Paddlesport Retailer date is 28. Aug. – 1. Sept. 2017
Werner Paddles

BLOG 2016-11
New trade show in the US

BLOG 2016-12
Return to hall 7A
Paddeln an der ISPO MUNICH 2017

BLOG 2016-10
2017 DATE
Statement: Show Dates

BLOG 2016-09
Kayak Session Buyers Guide 2017
Coolest Product of the Show 2016