Award-Winning Movies at the Industry Dinner

Philippe Doux, Kayaksession Publishing
Philippe Doux, Kayaksession Publishing

What kind of movies will be screened?
Every year, we select a panel of six short films from the movies sent our way by various producers & film-makers that showcase all aspects of Paddlesports. Quality is the guideline. Versatility too, as we try not to have five similar films. We try to make the screening entertaining and not too long, so viewers don’t get bored, especially after a long day talking to customers.

What is the purpose of this movie night?
The main goal is to show and bring forward a very positive image of each segment of our industry. We work and live in a vibrant and versatile industry. From stand up paddling to kayak fishing, from whitewater waterfall chasers to canoe trippers, from arctic sea kayakers to sit on top beachgoers, at first look we have little in common, yet in fact, we share a lot more than we think, despite the differences in the shape of the paddle in our hands! So the goal of the evening is just that, to show each other how great our respective paddlesports discipline is and to get to know each other better. If that helps encourage dealers to broaden the kind of gear they carry, to give ideas to manufacturers to develop new products, or to motivate people to try a new way to enjoy life with a paddle in their hands… all the better. In the end, it is a celebration of the Paddlesports family.

PADDLEexpo 2009

How are the films selected?
The Kayak Session team selects the movies from April through August. We are contacted by companies, film-makers, and producers that submit their films. We also choose the best of what we see and share online. Year-round, we select films to share on our web pages. (If you are reading these words and have movies that represent a segment of the paddlesports industry, contact us!) Note, that while it will give companies exposure, those movies are not meant to be promotional clips, but real short films documenting something that sets our industry or individual achievements apart. And if that is an opportunity to do justice to those companies that support financially athletes, events and projects, then great!

Is there a benefit for the industry beyond entertainment at the dinner?
Communication. That may sound naïve, but the whole industry dinner program, the food, the free drinks, the awards, the films, all are meant to facilitate communication between all players. And after a few years, we can safely say that the formula functions well. Whether industry juniors or legends, people talk to each other, laugh with each other, make plans together. That is the idea.

PADDLEexpo 2011

Why is it so much more fun to watch your movies on the big screen, together with friends?
That is actually a good question. The films we show are not all world premieres. Sometimes quite a few people in the room have already seen some of the movies. But watching it in the dark, on a super large screen, with a beer or a glass of wine in hand, surrounded by friends changes our vision, makes us realize once again, how lucky we are to work in such an environment.

PADDLEexpo 2012

When did you start to present the award-winning movies at PADDLEexpo, and how has it evolved?
We started six years ago, I think. What has changed is that it has become a landmark for movie makers and companies to be associated with part of the program. Being featured has become something valuable for paddlers, producers, and companies. That means a lot to us, it shows that our original idea was not so stupid and fits people’s needs and tastes.

PADDLEexpo 2014

What can we expect on screen at PADDLEexpo 2019?
We do not know yet… but can guarantee it will be quality driven as always, and hopefully surprising.

NCC-Mitte, hall “Brüssel”, location of the next presentation in October 2019.

Kayak Session Publishing is the international media partner of PADDLEexpo and has been since the very beginnings of the show. The Kayak Session crew will once again be presenting the Best in Show awards at the annual Industry Dinner alongside award-winning movies.