Aqua-Bound Whiskey & Tango Paddles

Come check out the full line-up of evolutionary paddles from the fastest growing paddle brand in North America, Aqua-Bound at PADDLEexpo 2018, hall 7A, stand C73:

New summer of 2018 is the Whiskey and Tango performance kayak paddles in both bent shaft and 4-piece breakdown versions. With the bent shaft paddles, when it comes to your energy, these curves conserve. With a neutral bend 9 degree curve angle, these bent shafted paddles provide a natural, comfortable, and effortless forward stroke.
The 4-piece break-down versions of the game changing Whiskey and Tango make it so these graceful paddles, are easily transportable and compartmental. Lighter than comparable models and now with an array of options, the Whiskey and Tango do more than just turn heads, they change the paddle game forever.

Aqua-Bound at PADDLEexpo 2018, hall 7A, stand C73