WARNING – do not buy „attendees list“

The address data of PADDLEexpo attendees have been offered to some exhibitors in the last weeks/months and it seems to be going on.

This is a fraud!

All visitor data are confidential. Do not buy an “Prospective Visitors List”, “Paddleexpo 2017 Attendees List” or similar.

Horst Fürsattel (PADDLEexpo Manager)

Oktoberfest Munich


Oktoberfest München
The famous Munich beer fest starts on 16-Sept-2017 and will close on 03-Oct-2017. Munich is located 100 miles south from Nuremberg, or 1h by high-speed-train. Why not visit Oktoberfest after PADDLEexpo?
Oktoberfest official website

The Bavarian Purity Requirements:
It’s no coincidence, that Bavaria has the best beer in the world: Since the 16th century there have been strong regulations about brewing beer and how to keep up the high quality of the final product by choosing the ingredients very carefully. One of the oldest laws concerning food and drink are the Bavarian Purity Requirements, decreed by Duke William IV. in 1516: Only water, hops and barley should be used to brew Bavarian beer.

Nuremberg – Spend a day extra

Sightseeing in Nuremberg
The Imperial Castle and the artist Albrecht Dürer are names that are inseparably linked to Nuremberg, but beyond these, there are many other attractive sights to discover and explore: The picturesque Old Town with its ensemble of historical buildings, imposing churches and romantic winding lanes; the rock-cut cellars buried deep within the castle hill and – outside the Old Town – sights like the famous St. John’s cemetery or attractions like the Nuremberg Zoo. You’ll find some of the most interesting things to see and do here.

Tourist Info: Sightseeing

Meet friends, do business

First of all, PADDLEexpo is a small show and hard to compare with huge multi-sport exhibitions. However, the international paddle sports industry is doing really well and PADDLEexpo is an important part of it:
■ # 15 edition this year
■ More buyers than ever before at the previous show (2016)
■ More brands than ever before at PADDLEexpo 2017
■ More exhibitors’ stands than ever before at PADDLEexpo 2017

In other words: More reasons for attending PADDLEexpo than ever before!

The complete PADDLEexpo stats, facts, numbers and dates from 2003 until today are available on an excel sheet: http://paddleexpo.com/…../../….xls

Show Directory now online

The Exhibitors- and Brands-List is now online [here]

There is also an extended version in Excel format including category and web address of each exhibitor. Download it from here:

Check the website and the Excel file for updates.
Both, exhibitor list and the floor plan will be printed for the show. Take a free copy at the entrance to the hall.

Hall is fully booked

We still take bookings from exhibitors, but they will be set on the waiting list.
Most of the regular exhibitors are aboard again, plus new exhibitors from the SUP, kayaking, canoeing and equipment sector.
Now the “puzzle” will be assembled, the floor plan will be drawn and approved. It is expected to be finished in early July.
More soon….

Now: Exhibitor Application

Exhibitor application for PADDLEexpo 2017 has finally started. Regular exhibitors as well as new exhibitors should find the application form in their email inbox today. Otherwise please send a mail or register at: www.paddleexpo.com/exhibitor-registration
Thank you!

Exhibitors only. Visitors please: www.paddleexpo.com/visitor-registration