AGB für den Verbrauchsgüterkauf

Seminar für Aussteller und Besucher an der PADDLEexpo 2017
Präsentiert vom BVKanu im Bundesverband Wassersportwirtschaft e.V.

Vorstellung AGB für den Verbrauchsgüterkauf
Referent: Stefan W. Meyer, Verbandsjustiziar
Ausschreibung und Details:

Philip Witte
Bundesverband Kanu e.V.
Gunther-Plüschow-Str. 8; 50829 Köln
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Meet friends, do business

First of all, PADDLEexpo is a small show and hard to compare with huge multi-sport exhibitions. However, the international paddle sports industry is doing really well and PADDLEexpo is an important part of it:
■ # 15 edition this year
■ More buyers than ever before at the previous show (2016)
■ More brands than ever before at PADDLEexpo 2017
■ More exhibitors’ stands than ever before at PADDLEexpo 2017

In other words: More reasons for attending PADDLEexpo than ever before!

The complete PADDLEexpo stats, facts, numbers and dates from 2003 until today are available on an excel sheet:…../../….xls

kajak-Magazin mitten im Geschehen

Wenn die PADDLEexpo vom 19. bis 21. September 2017 wieder ihre Tore in Nürnberg öffnet, wird das kajak-Magazin erneut Augen und Ohren offen halten und sich bei den Herstellern vor Ort über die Neuheiten für 2018 informieren sowie schauen, welche Trends sich abzeichnen.

Die Highlights der PADDLEexpo gibt es dann kompakt in Ausgabe 6/2017, die ab dem 13. Oktober 2017 im Handel sein wird.

Lettmann Skagerrak 2018

Brandneu auf der PADDLEexpo

Der neue Skagerrak ergänzt unsere Seekajak-Flotte um ein schnelles, sicheres und spurtreues Modell für schwere und große Paddler. Deshalb kommt der neue Skagerrak auch mit der komfortablen D-Luke. Diese ermöglicht Paddlern mit langen Beinen einen bequemen und sicheren Ein- und Ausstieg.

Besonders happy sind wir mit dem ausgewogenen Unterwasserschiff des Skagerraks. Trotz hoher Anfangs- und Endstabilität erreichen wir mit dem neuen Unterschiff-Design einen hervorragenden Leichtlauf und eine fantastische Spurtreue, auch bei Wind und Wellen.
Legt man das Kajak auf die Kante, setzt es die Befehle des Paddlers zu einhundert Prozent um. Aufgekantet lässt er sich auf der Stelle drehen und spielerisch im Kurs korrigieren.

Die Serienausstattung des Skagerraks beinhaltet das extrem robuste und äußerst zuverlässige integrierte Steuer-Skeg, bekannt aus Skinner und Biskaya. So bieten wir dem Paddler nicht nur die beste Steueranlage mit idealer Steuerwirkung, sondern auch die einzigartige Möglichkeit, optional mit Skeg oder Steuer zu fahren. Die hoch gezogenen Spitzen lassen das Seekajak trocken über die Wellen laufen, die großen Ovaldeckel vereinfachen das Beladen. Die integrierte Kompass-Konsole ist bereit für die Aufnahme eines Silva 70p, die ausgeklügelte Deckbespannung kann leicht an die Kartentasche und das Ersatzpaddel angepasst werden.

Skagerak HV Expedition: Länge: 555cm, Breite: 58cm, Volumen total: ca. 375 Liter. Premiere auf der PADDLEexpo 2017, anschließend Start der Perienproduktion.

Lettmann Skagerrak

With the Skagerrak, Lettmann introduces a new sportive seakayak for large and heavy paddlers. Also for long turns with tons of stuff and expeditions the new Skagerrak will set new standards.

Outfitted with our extra large D cockpit, the Skagerrak makes it easy to get in and out, even for long legged kayakers and big foots.

We are really proud to introduce our new hull design. It makes the kayak easy to go straight, even in rough conditions. When you put the Skagerrak on the edge, the hull makes is easy to carve and enables tight curves. It will be available with our integrated skeg rudder system which gives you the opportunity to use only skeg or the comfortable integrated rudder.

Skagerrak HV Expedition: Länge: 555cm, Breite: 58cm, Volumen total: ca. 375 Liter

Sealline: watertight gear protection

Photo: Jordan Siemens

“Most people understand the importance of keeping your body dry while you’re outdoors. Keeping gear protected can be just as important –Imagine sleeping in a wet sleeping bag in the backcountry or trying to stay warm in a wet down jacket – it could be disastrous.”

As experts for watertight gear protection with a history of more the 30 years SealLine will present the full range of dry sacks, dry bags, portage packs and waterproof cases for electronics (smartphones, etc.). With our top of the line SealLine Discovery Deck Dry Bag we deliver resolute waterproof protection from day trips to expeditions whether lashed to a SUP board or stowed in or on a boat. Designed to maximise the use of storage space in a kayak, our lightweight Bulkhead Tapered Dry Bags shape fits in kayak bow and stern compartments. Whether packed with clothes, food or gear, the PurgeAir valve ensures fast and easy compressibility better enabling the bag to fit in tight spots.

Photo: We are unicorns
Photo: We are unicorns

Check us out at the PADDLEexpo 2017, booth Q25

Revealing more exciting new products than ever!

Pyranha Kayaks | P&H Sea Kayaks | Venture Canoes & Kayaks

The true community spirit of the paddlesports industry, and the huge proportion of its members who travel across the globe to attend PADDLEexpo give the event a real „family gathering“ vibe; PADDLEexpo provides a unique venue for manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and other industry members alike to get together and share what they’ve been up to over the past year, what their aims for the coming year are, and top it off by enjoying some good food, world class presentations, and stunning films together.

At Pyranha Kayaks, P&H Sea Kayaks, and Venture Canoes & Kayaks, we can’t wait to be a part of the hub of activity that is PADDLEexpo once again in 2017, and this year we’ll be revealing more exciting new products than ever! If you’d like to be the first to see what we’ve got in store for 2018, there’s a warm welcome and a drink waiting for you at stand C54.

Pyranha Kayaks | P&H Sea Kayaks | Venture Canoes & Kayaks

Kajak Sport Components

We will showcase the new developments for the coming season; at PADDLEexpo you can meet us personally and share your thoughts, interests and experience.
Components for paddles, safety and transportation, cockpit parts, hatches, deckfittings, rudder, skeg, accessoires: Learn more about our products and get first-hand information. We believe this is the best place to meet you all every year and we really look forward to it.
No matter if you are long-time partner or recently inspired, we are delighted to see you at PADDLEexpo 2017 in Nuremberg at the Kajak Sport stand: hall 7A, booth C82

GUMOTEX inflatable boats

Joy, adventure, and adrenaline to the life of people all over the world for over 60 years.

Gumotex boats are environmentally made by combining traditional production technology that keeps in mind modern environmental trends. Thanks to this, GUMOTEX boats nowadays have almost unlimited lifetime.

GUMOTEX inflatable boats are manufactured in the Czech Republic (EU) with a great deal of manual work. Their advantages are safety, high quality, low weight, and excellent storage.

The GUMOTEX Boats & Outdoor brand is one of the industry’s top brands within this industry branch, and offers its customers a wide range of products – from recreational kayaks to professional racing rafts.
GUMOTEX inflatable boats are not made of PVC.

Visit GUMOTEX at PADDLEexpo 2017, hall 7A, booth F69


The famous Canadian brand imported into Europe by ROTOMOD.

ROTOMOD is the exclusive importer of NOVA CRAFT canoes for Europe (except UK & Ireland). The selection is exclusively focused on models manufactured in SP3 (3 layers PE) and Tuffstuff, the new material created by Nova Craft. A wide range of models will appeal to any type of paddler, whether for a few hours or for several weeks touring, for professional or private use.

Discover the SP3 and Tuffstuff Prospector 16′ at PADDLExpo 2017 on ROTOMOD Booth I84. |

RTM – Fishing kayaks made in France

Fishing kayaks made in France

The RTM FISHING brand of ROTOMOD offers since 2012 a range of fishing kayaks designed by fishermen for fishermen.
RTM FISHING will be present in Nuremberg next September to present its new ideal kayak for river fishing, the Tango Evo Angler.
The ROTOMOD team will be delighted to welcome you to its booth at PADDLEexpo 2017 and happy to talk about its production made in France.

The new Tango Evo Angler. Made in France.

Meet the ROTOMOD team at PADDLEexpo 2017, Booth I84