Tickets after 15-Sept-2017

Registration after 15-Sept-2017:
It may be too late now to check your eligibility, generate your print-at-home ticket and send it to you by email. If you do not receive your print-at-home ticket in time, then please register on location, at the entrance to the exhibition hall.
Please complete the form in any case now: Registration Form

Registrierung nach dem 15. Sept. 2017:
Möglicherweise ist jetzt nicht mehr genug Zeit um den Eintrag zu prüfen, die Eintrittskarte zu erstellen und mit Email zu versenden. Wenn Sie Ihre Eintrittskarte nicht mehr rechtzeitig erhalten, dann registrieren Sie sich bitte vor Ort, am Eingang zur Messehalle.
Bitte füllen Sie trotzdem jetzt das Formular aus: Besucher Registrierung

Altstadtfest Nürnberg

The “Altstadtfest” is the annual festival in the historical town of Nuremberg: fresh food, music, celebration in the streets, not too loud and perfect for a nice, relaxed evening in the old town of Nuremberg.

This year the Altstadtfest happens to be at the same time with PADDLEexpo.

The website and event schedule is in German, but it will deliver basic information and maps:……pdf

Always a good idea: Sightseeing Nuremberg

One Ocean, Two Seas, One Destiny

Live on stage at the PADDLEexpo 2017 industry dinner:

Mr. Bashar Al Huneidi
Kayak Expedition Leader

Introducing „One Ocean, Two Seas, One Destiny“

A 2300 km expedition by kayak from Kuwait to Oman, 90 days, to raise awareness about Arabia’s seas and marine environment. Including an exclusive 6 min. movie preview of the television production that will be broadcasted in autumn 2017.

PADDLEexpo 2017, Industry Dinner, 20-September-2017, after work.

PADDLEexpo is a trade show, it is not a public show. If you are unsure of your eligibility please be in touch before traveling to the show.

WARNING – do not buy „attendees list“

The address data of PADDLEexpo attendees have been offered to some exhibitors in the last weeks/months and it seems to be going on.

This is a fraud!

All visitor data are confidential. Do not buy an “Prospective Visitors List”, “Paddleexpo 2017 Attendees List” or similar.

Horst Fürsattel (PADDLEexpo Manager)

Oktoberfest Munich


Oktoberfest München
The famous Munich beer fest starts on 16-Sept-2017 and will close on 03-Oct-2017. Munich is located 100 miles south from Nuremberg, or 1h by high-speed-train. Why not visit Oktoberfest after PADDLEexpo?
Oktoberfest official website

The Bavarian Purity Requirements:
It’s no coincidence, that Bavaria has the best beer in the world: Since the 16th century there have been strong regulations about brewing beer and how to keep up the high quality of the final product by choosing the ingredients very carefully. One of the oldest laws concerning food and drink are the Bavarian Purity Requirements, decreed by Duke William IV. in 1516: Only water, hops and barley should be used to brew Bavarian beer.

B2B Magazin outdoor.markt

„Händler haben auf der PADDLEexpo die Gelegenheit zum direkten Kontakt und ausführlichen Gespräch mit den Lieferanten und den Entwicklern. Sie können sich die Produkte ansehen und sie ausprobieren. Nur wer mal selbst in einem Boot gesessen hat, kann beispielsweise beurteilen, ob es für seine Kundschaft geeignet ist, ob es etwa genügend Platz bietet. So kann der Händler sich einen Informationsvorsprung verschaffen und seine Kunden viel besser beraten.“

outdoor.markt ist das einzige B2B-Magazin für Industrie und Handel, das sich ausschließlich auf die boomende Outdoorbranche spezialisiert hat.

outdoor.markt richtet sich an beide Seiten des Marktes gleichermaßen und dient dem Informationsfluss zwischen Industrie und Handel. Wir vermitteln und zeigen gemeinsame Lösungsansätze auf, anstatt einseitiges Sprachrohr zu sein.


Water Sports Job Market

We are proud to announce our partnership with PADDLEexpo Nürnberg.
Therefor we are going to setup a jobboard at the show which means, that we can display your jobad there for free!
If you have any open position that you want us to show at the PADDLEexpo, please send us your jobad as an A4 PDF file!
The PADDLEexpo will take place from 19th to 21st of September. Therefor I would need you jobad until Friday Sept. 15!
Actual jobads that are currently displayed on will be shown at PADDLEexpo automatically!


Boardsportsource: German Market

„SUP rental is growing even though we aren’t located on a lake. We work together with a SUP school where customers can test simple boards. We notice that they still tend to buy the high quality equipment.“

German Market Intel September 2017
It was almost a textbook summer in Germany this year. The Germans witnessed what they usually search for when holidaying: sunshine, blue skies, high temperatures and mild summer nights. But unfortunately due to extreme weather conditions – heavy rainfall, thunderstorms and extreme high temperatures – it was really hard for retailers.

Jochen Bauer took a look  at a cross section of German action sports shops. Find his report now here online at

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BoardsportSource is where the global boardsports business community goes to find out what’s going down in Europe and where European retailers go shopping. We are the B2B platform for the European boardsports industry.